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Amaz-In Coconut Cream Liqueur

Amaz-In Coconut Cream Liqueur

Nose: Freshly toasted coconut, sweet cream, hints of cane and coconut sugars, tropical florals, vanilla.


Palate: Sweet, toasted coconut, with its subtle notes of roasted nuts and mild spices. Rich, sweet cream. Soft hints of butter and vanilla.


Nose: fresh and fruity, nutty notes, slightly milky. Typical aroma of fresh coconut.


Taste: smooth and nutty attack, milky but not oily. The flavourof fresh (grated) coconut develops in the back of the mouth (no sudden burst) and coats the palate (note of coconut custard). Lingering notes of coconut fruit and milk, delicate toasted after-taste. Touch of vanilla and caramel sweetness.


20% alcohol by volume


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